Seacliff railway station, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, then and now

Those days of growing up in South Brighton/Seacliff, we were about 10 miles from the City centre. That was the edge of the suburbs, now days you need to travel another 15 miles on to get out of the suburbs.

RX 152 after leaving Seacliff station

Rx 152 with a train after just leaving Seacliff stsation, climbs the Marino bank. Technical Details Photo: Ron Coney

Looking back - F 172 comes down the Marino bank towards Seacliff station. Consist of End & centre loading carriage on an "Up" train.

Technical Details

Photo:Ron Coney

Seacliff in 2000

Seacliff in the 50's

Seacliff railway station then - late 1950's.F class (dolly) with a four car set of 800 class carriages, on the down Adelaide. Seacliff the second to last station on the main subrub run, which use to go to Marino. The line was single track from Brighton railway station to Willunga a distant of 26km (16 miles). Technical Details

Photo: athour unknown

Looking back - Then and Now - Seacliff in the last 50's and in year 2000. It now is a double track to Noarlunga Centre, another 10 miles from the city.

Seacliff in 2000


The map at the left showing Adelaide station on North Terrace & headed south to Goodwood, where it branched off from the South Main Line. This is known as the Beach line, as when it gets to Brighton, it runs parallel with the beach, while climbing the Brighton bank towards Seacliff, & on to Marino the main terminal to about 1976


Above shows the old board tickets, that the guard would use his ticket punch on. To the right is the syle of ticket now used, with a magnetic strip on the back, & has to be validated in the ticket machine on all buses, trains & trams.


If you have any Photos or a story of your time with S.A.R. please Any info on the South Line needed!!

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